Let’s Stay Connected!

Hello all,

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, most face-to-face meetings have gone online.  See below for details on when those local online meetings will be hosted and how to get onto Zoom.

Sunday – Zoom3:00-4:00Voices of Recovery
Monday – Zoom6:30-7:30OA 12&12
Tuesday – Zoom6:30-7:30Voices of Recovery
Wednesday – Zoom6:30-7:30Discussion
Thursday – Face to Face (paused for now)5:30-6:30Abstinence
Thursday – Zoom5:30-6:30Abstinence
Friday – Zoom6:30-7:30Literature/Discussion
Saturday – Zoom10:00-11:00OA Brown Book
Saturday – Zoom11:15-12:15AA Big Book

Remember, there are always online and phone meetings that can be found at OA.org!