Just for Today

Just for Today I will try to live through is day only, and not tackle my whole life problem at once.  I can do something for one day that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime. Just for Today trifold Overeaters Anonymous

I am a runner.  These words still bring chills and delight to my heart and are true only as a gift of the OA program.  Through the promises of the program I have been relieved of 140 pounds and am relishing a new found physical existence that I never even conceived as possible.  

On one of my runs this week I began to recognize how my experiences along my OA journey remind me of my experiences on a run.

Sometimes running is so easy and carefree while other times it is a real schlog. There is a direct relationship to my commitment to working the program and practicing its principles to the ease of the maintenance of my abstinence.  Just like how a run is so much more successful when I prepare and conscientiously train. I need to actively nurture my spiritual condition as much as I actively nurture my physical condition.

Sometimes the path is smooth, dry, and clear and I can keep my head up and gaze at the world I am running through while other times it is covered with debris and wet and treacherous so I keep my head down and my eyes focused on simply the next place I shall plant my feet. Oh, how wonderful and glorious are those phases in life that are smooth and dry.  I often wish I could bottle those moments and put them into a lotion to slather on when life gets covered with debris and treacherous. In those rough times, I put my head down and focus on doing the next right thing as revealed to me by my Higher Power.  

Sometimes I can see the path ahead and sometimes there is a curve I simply cannot see around. There sometimes are hills – up and down – that can be a challenge or a relief. Life comes at me sometimes with predictability and sometimes with the unexpected. When I know there are challenges ahead, I can prepare and have a plan in place with my program and my sponsor.  When life throws an unexpected event into my path, I rely on my relationship with program and my Higher Power to provide for me what I need to face that challenge. And with any challenge, just like with every hill, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end.

All of this is part of the running experience. 

The result of running is endorphins and joy in my body and healthy results. Just like my “run” through program!