Right Action

“I can’t think my way into right action, I must act my way into right thinking.”

One of my favorite things I heard many years ago in OA goes something like this:  ‘I can’t think my way into right action, I must act my way into right thinking’.  This simple statement of action changed my whole world in OA.  Somehow I missed the point that unless I took action in the program nothing would change.  You see, my thinking sounds so good when I’m thinking it and it could be thinking that is way off base.

Speaking of thinking.  If my best thinking got me to OA, what makes me think that my thinking can solve the food problem?  When I finally surrendered my thinking and took the suggestions of my sponsor and this program, the whole world of OA opened up to me.  I took the actions prescribed in the AA Big Book and the OA Literature.  I took the actions suggested from my sponsor even when I didn’t believe her suggestions would work.  Note: by the way her suggestions always worked.  So again, I don’t even have to believe I just have to act and then I am shown the miracles of this program and Then I believe.  This always sounded like a backward process to me.  Once again my good thinking did not work.  Only with action do I get to experience this wonderful new life and the freedom from the bondage of food.  Gives me chills to just recount what the OA program has given me.

May you all stay around long enough to experience this wonderful life that OA can give you!  You simply can’t imagine what it will be like until you experience it yourself.