“There is no magic in these rooms – but there are miracles.”

When I came into OA ten years ago, I weighed 350 pounds.
I loved food, and I ate and ate all the time.

However, I was very miserable and I looked awful. I needed to change.

A wonderful Sponsor guided me through this program of Recovery.
I used the Tools and practiced the Steps, and read many OA books.
My Higher Power removed the obsession of my trigger foods, and I lost 135 pounds.

My life had been changing and the promises became true!

Service had always been a part of my Recovery in OA.
— I attend 3-4 meetings a week and often lead the meetings.
— I was a trusted servant as treasurer for my home group.
— I am a Sponsor and work with my sponsees in studying the Steps.

— I attend two weekend Retreats and two Super Saturdays each year that Intergroup provides.

OA saved my life from the disease of compulsive overeating.
The Recovery program has been a miracle in my life!