When a vessel is in distress, they send out an SOS, the universal cry for help. Every mariner, pilot, and rescue team knows this signal, no matter their language or if the signal is sent via morse code, radio, or even written down! A ship’s captain knows that if they need help, they can call out an SOS, and receive assistance.

As an OA member, we have our own distress call. When life becomes overwhelming, and I feel like I am in a crisis, the program tells me that this is an S.O.S:


In times of anxiety and crisis, I am almost always completely powerless over the situation. These powerful words allow us to stop, breathe, and acknowledge that we cannot control this situation, and we are able to move forward with Steps Two and Three, acknowledging that our HP can restore us to sanity over this situation. Only then can we surrender the crisis to our HP and let her will guide us through the crisis and beyond.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, afraid, or just stressed out, remember that you need to issue your S.O.S to your Higher Power and work the steps on that situation.