“One is too many and ten-thousand is never enough.”

This phrase refers to bites of binge foods…foods that trigger the obsession and the inability to stop eating.  Another one of those pithy trueisms!  It reminds me of the old Lays potato chip commercial:  Bet you can’t eat just one!  I could eat just one…one bag…  Today just being aware of this deadly trigger I am much more capable of drawing upon the power greater than myself to prevent the first bite.  And if (when?) I do take one bite and the fireworks go off in my head luring me to eat more, I am also able to take action to prevent any further free fall into a compulsive binge.

If I pass One, before I reach Ten-thousand, I have Nine Tools and Twelve Steps and Hundreds of OA Friends.  I am SO grateful for a set of instructions to follow that keep me in sanity.