Thanksgiving… Thanks. Giving.

“Your family knows which buttons to push because they installed them!”

“Another name for Thanksgiving is Thursday.”

Thanksgiving seems to bring around the perfect storm for compulsive eating.  Foods not normally eaten and family drama and high expectations and resentments.  Wow.

Here is how I am handling Thanksgiving this year using program.

First:  I will have a food plan that I will commit it to my sponsor and I will follow using the OA tools.  I am anticipating enjoying my abstinent food.  Yes – enjoying.  Free from guilt, shame, and remorse from the foods that bring me pain, I can truly relish the foods I do eat!  I feel lighter just in anticipation.

Second:  I have separated my Thanksgiving meal from the visit with my family.  When I visit my family, I want that to be the focus…not the food.  How lovely to immerse myself in conversation with family members without the distraction of the Thanksgiving feast.  I never could do either well, visit with my family or enjoy my Thanksgiving meal, when they were done simultaneously.

Third:  Remember to give thanks.  OA has taught me to focus on life instead of food.  I intend to do a “gratitude an hour” on Thanksgiving.  I will write them into my journal to reference when I am in need of a positive perspective in the future.

Fourth:  I will keep the Serenity Prayer handy and go with the flow.  When I am most comfortable in my recovery I feel like I am simply bobbing along on the waves of life.  Instead of allowing the waves to break over me, I simply float along on top.  Awareness, acceptance, and action will be my go-to verbs for the day!  There is nothing that life can throw at me that I cannot handle with program.

Fifth:  I am going to the Thursday night recovery meeting:  Grace Presbyterian Church 5:30pm.  Come join me!  We can celebrate together!!