“The message of OA is not ‘You can be Thin’ but the message is ‘You can be Free!'”

I recently got  a new picture ID for work and found the drawer where I had stashed all my old IDs.  It was interesting to go through the stack and see my various hair styles, eye glasses (or not), and the changing thickness to my face.  What was most remarkable to me as I went through them was that even though today I am as thin as I ever was…there are a couple where I am obviously thinner…but I am the happiest I have ever been.  Even when I was my thinnest I had a conflicted soul and was still in bondage to my disease.  I thank HP that I am not that person today.  Program has shown me a new way of living.  And while my ID today might not show the thinnest me, it shows the most free me!