OA Words of Wisdom

Hi all!  I have decided to begin a series of posts on “OA Words of Wisdom” on our website.  These posts will begin with a phrase I’ve heard in a recovery meeting.  Some are profound and some are funny and all spoke to me in some way.  I intend to do a bit of reflection along with the phrase.  If you are interested in participating in this venture, please let me (Michelle D) know…I’d love to have the company!

“I accept my imperfections.  I accept others imperfections.”

Before recovery I learned very well the lesson that I should “try the best that I can to be to be the best that I can.”  What I failed to learn until I got into recovery is to be satisfied with the results.  There are no perfect people in the world and I certainly am not one of them either! By accepting my imperfections and accepting others imperfections I release myself from this tension and live a much more realistic existence.  I accept a perfectly imperfect life!